MARCELL JUSZTIN(1)                                            MARCELL JUSZTIN(1)


Marcell Jusztin - Software Engineer


I am a hands-on, highly competent software engineer from Hungary, with more than six years’ experience designing, programming and delivering software across a variety of platforms. I have worked on numerous projects from concept to completion. I take pride in coding to consistently high standards applying Agile best-practises and regularly refreshing my skills to ensure I keep up with ongoing developments.


react-native-cognito(1) AWS Cognito integration module for React Native. feynmanjs(1) feynMF-based javascript library for drawing Feynman diagrams. gosteroids(1) Asteroids clone built in Go, using OpenGL and shaders. flashtalking/goask(1) Interactive command line interfaces for Go. buddhabrot(1) Simple buddhabrot generator written in Go. csvtoolkit(1) Toolkit for querying and converting CSV using a custom built jq-like parser and lexer for querying (work in progress).


BACK-END I had a chance to work with a wide variety of back-end, system techno- logies in a commercial environment. -node, -go Built multiple highly available, scalable applications. -python, -rust, -ruby, -haskell Mostly used for fun projects. -mongodb, -redis DEVOPS -docker, -jenkins, -fabric Helped teams to set up their development environments and CI pipe- lines using Docker and Jenkins. -travis Actively using Travis CI in open-source projects. FRONT-END -vanilla, -react, -angular CLOUD (AWS) -dynamodb, -elasticache, -cognito -elastic-beanstalk -lambda -sqs, -sns


PLATFORM ENGINEER - FLASHTALKING (FEBURARY 2015 - PRESENT) Leading the migration of our existing monolithic applications onto a service oriented architecture using state-of-the-art technologies and best practices like service discovery and linux containers. SOFTWARE ENGINEER - FLASHTALKING (JANUARY 2013 - FEBRUARY 2015) Designing and developing several high-traffic client facing web app- lications built on top of NodeJS and PHP back-ends. I also lead the DevOps movement across multiple teams. SOFTWARE ENGINEER - BUZZ SPORTS (MAY 2012 - JANUARY 2013) Working on a Real-time online betting platform built with PHP, Java and JavaScript. I was also developing our iOS application written in Objective-C. PHP DEVELOPER - DECKMEDIA, FORMERLY AFFILIATEWIDE (APRIL 2010 - MAY 2012) Implementing API connectors in C#, Java and PHP for a wide range of popular online casinos powered by Realtime Gaming, Rival and Top Game.


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